Keyva King opened up her delivery dispensary, Earth Essentials, in 2014 after watching her sister fight lupus and succumb to opiate based medication instead of getting the help she needed. She had to be a part of the solution to the opiate epidemic in our country. Earth Essentials offered clean meds to their consumer base throughout the Coachella Valley until legalization of recreational cannabis became legal in November 2017. Her experience of serving the medical population inspired her to truly dedicate herself to providing safe access to cannabis and education for all as well. She and her partners then made plans to open Royal Highness in Palm Desert, an upscale boutique cannabis dispensary that offers an array of high end indoor and outdoor flower, premium edibles, and sleek vape cartridges.

She now stands as a figurehead in her community. Not only is King a dispensary owner but she is also the only African American female dispensary CEO in the Coachella Valley. The conversation around social equity and social justice in the cannabis industry is one that she intends to speak about during the upcoming Taboo Talks series in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 28th. Read the full article here.